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Preparing For Summer: Flip Flops and Foot Pain

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Summer is almost here! Most of us envision pool parties, bbq’s, and warm weather. Few of us envision months of prolonged foot and ankle pain. Summer = Flip Flop Season. Flip flop season can potentially wreck havoc on your feet if you are not prepared. Flip flops put unnatural stress and strain on your feet and increase risk for developing heel pain, overuse injuries, and potential trauma. Now, before you roll your eyes, hear me out – I am not saying you cannot wear flip flops! I am simply saying proceed with caution.

Daily use of flip flops can cause foot problems due to their inherent instability and flexibility. I highly recommend curbing the length of time you wear them. For example, if you are traveling to amusement parks or nature trail tours – flip flops are NOT the appropriate shoe choice. Now, if you are traveling to the grocery store or swimming pool, flip flops are much more acceptable. In other words, flip flops should be adopted for short term use, not for the entire summer.

Be safe. Have fun. Don’t sacrifice your health for your beloved flip flops. You will soon regret it. And if you are suffering from foot and ankle pain, take a good look at your shoe gear because often times what we put on our feet can often be our worst enemy. Dr. Daniel T. Hall IV and Dr. Mallory Przybylski of Louisiana Foot and Ankle Specialists, LLC are always here to diagnose and relieve your foot problems. Call our office at (337) 474-2233 for an appointment today or visit our website at for our online appointment request!

– Dr. Daniel T. Hall IV
Source: Louisiana Foot and Ankle Specialists Blog

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